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Team match setup How to improve team match setup?

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Posted 2021-July-23, 01:00

Hi Bbo,

I have set up quite a few short team matches and I have the following suggestions -

1. Disable chat - just like Allow Undos, there should be a Allow Chat checkbox

I have noticed that chat is a major source of discord on team matches
and BBO in general. The chat free 6 board and 4 board individual
tournaments are examples of the benefits of disallowing chat.

2. Allow max time limit for bid/play

The director should be able to set a max limit before a player is subbed
by a robot.


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Posted 2021-July-23, 09:55

1-p-2 Ask, told "inverted". Ask again, get "inverted". How do I get the actual range?

(1)-1NT "8-14 or so, takeout of !H. 3+in unbids". Yes, that could be confusing. If I need to give my full explanation, where does it go?

1-1; 2 "TAB". I don't play Precision. How do I get a better explanation?

Never mind questions about bids not made - p-p-p-1; 2. What's your 2 opener (because if it's artificial, this could be a "weak 2" you couldn't make last round. If it's natural, then that tells me other things)?

I do understand there can be "discord". However, the response to that is penalties up to, and definitely including, "you are no longer welcome in our team games". If it's a required set team game because league or whatever, the penalties can be applied to the cumulative score as always.

The difference between what you're asking for and the "4-board individuals" is that in the individuals, there shouldn't be any system discussion requirement, as everyone is playing the same system.
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